Grades BK - 4

General & Cross-Content Sites

Differentiated activities in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Online assessment, practice, and instruction in Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science. You will receive an email invitation from the program if your teacher signed up for a free classroom account.

Personalize learning, with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum (covering Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies), with real-time diagnostics, personalized guidance, and many practice opportunities.

Differentiated activities and practice in Math, Early Reading, Reading, Language, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Parents can sign up for free on the website - the guide to how to use it is also on the home page.

Online research sites, learning games, and reading resources.

Khan Academy offers math and science practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that allows learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Pre-K and K site and 1st-3rd site with focus on Math and Early Literacy.

Time for Kids offers articles, many with video and audio. They are continuing to add free materials to this site during the school closure.

Enjoy science experiments, animal watch cameras and activities about the natural world.

Interactive eBooks+ provide learning experiences that are both engaging and inspiring. Animations, simulations, and videos bring content to life, while pop-up review questions and special notes help underscore the most crucial points of knowledge.

Movement and mindfulness videos for kids.

Making yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, and movement interactive and fun for kids.

Keyboarding, digital literacy, and coding.

Keyboarding & typing.

Coding practice and games. Multiple sites offered.

Art lessons for kids, including how to draw, paint, do origami and more.

Videos, activities, quizzes, and games in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Technology, and Health.

Videos, activities, quizzes, and games in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Technology, and Health.

Code: SCHOOL4638

Educational Games, Books, Puzzles, & Songs in multiple content areas - Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Colors and More (PreK-2nd).

Code: SCHOOL4638

Adventure Academy brings learning to life as it builds critical knowledge of essential curriculum topics with thousands of interactive learning activities in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in a safe and engaging virtual world. (3rd - 8th).

Code: SCHOOL4638

Complete Digital Library with over 7 thousand leveled books for students to enjoy at any time (PreK - 6th).

Reading & Literacy Sites

Online guided reading program with interactive eBooks, downloadable books, and reading quizzes.

This is a program that all of our K-2 students use for the major areas of Reading (Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing).

Improve knowledge of vocabulary words with spelling practice including word study games and activities for grades K-12 that practice vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing.

Spelling City is free right now with code "VSCFree90".

Instantly access 35,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes, & more.

Students have the ability to take quizzes on books they read.

Provides 20 days worth of active learning designed to reinforce and sustain student learning during the school closure period.

Pre-K and K - A game format that includes practice with letters, sounds, and full sentences.

Create an account to view and/or print reading passages. Many students already use this in their classrooms. Includes nonfiction and fiction passages, reading comprehension guides and questions, some e-books, and text to speech for many items.

A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of animated storybooks.

Newsela provides a large collection of student-friendly articles focused on current events and news. Most articles have the option to change the reading level difficulty and include comprehension questions.

Storyline Online is a children's literacy website created by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, which provides free storytelling videos and resources for parents and teachers to foster a love of reading in children.

Math Sites

SplashLearn is a curriculum-aligned learning program that covers kindergarten to grade 5 math skills through engaging games. This is a program we currently use and every student has a password for this site already.

Cool math games... like the title!

XtraMath provides fast paced practice for basic facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Solve logic puzzles, practice facts, and explore math concepts. Premium games are currently free.

Students can work through math topics based on their levels or you can assign specific skills for them to complete, all while they think they are playing a game!

Science & Social Studies Sites

Free science lessons by grade level.

Fun science experiments, facts, online games, and more! PK-2nd grade students may need parent support.

Science videos aligned to K-8 science standards.